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HEALING HANDS FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that was registered in the year 2010 (Reg: 081-252-NPO). The organisation seeks to be a vehicle for driving social change and empowering the community with skills, knowledge and help needed to develop and create a better society for all. The organization was born in the Central area of Port Elizabeth. Despite being a coastal town and home to many multinational companies and industries the Eastern Cape at large, Port Elizabeth included remains hugely an impoverished students’ community. There is high unemployment, high incidence of unintended pregnancies, high rate of abortion, high rate of school dropouts, unequal access to resources and general poverty.


Healing Hands seeks to address these challenges and provide women and children as well as other vulnerable groups in society a platform and a chance to realise their potential and lead a fulfilling life. The name of the organisations describes the deliberate intend to provide hands-on support services to targeted community members.


  • Fund Raising
  • Daily Soup Kitchen
  • HIV/Aids Councelling
  • Skills Development
  • Gardening/Feeding Scheme
  • Provide clothing and blankets
  • Collecting Items for school kids
  • Collecting baby items for moms who cant afford the basics

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Kindly consider adding us to your list of beneficiaries and we are inviting you with anticipation to make contact with us or to visit us for a tour of our facilities where you will experience the pride and the spirit of the members of HEALING HANDS FOUNDATION, knowing that they all play a daily part in helping each other and growing this amazing family.